Join the SIBO Root Cause Repair Program

An online program that gives you all the tools and support needed to find long term SIBO relief. 

You can't beat SIBO without identifying and addressing your root causes!

Popular SIBO protocols are short term fixes

SIBO isn’t the root cause of your gut symptoms, it is a symptom of a bigger problem.

Many SIBO protocols don’t work, because they fail to address the root causes of SIBO!

Instead, many popular protocols focus solely on clearing the SIBO with antimicrobials and starving bacteria with restrictive diets. These approaches help temporarily, but relapse is inevitable unless the root cause is addressed. I see many SIBO sufferers caught in a vicious cycle of SIBO clearance and relapse. But, SIBO doesn't have to be chronic battle!

For long term gains, you have to correct breakdowns in digestion and motility that have made your small intestine susceptible to an overgrowth. Your body has its own mechanisms designed to keep SIBO away. Rebooting digestion and motility in the gut is key to long term SIBO relief. I designed the SIBO Root Cause Repair Program as a complete guide to addressing the breakdowns in digestion and motility that cause SIBO.


Does your life revolve around SIBO? 

Imagine a life without restrictive SIBO diets and cyclical treatment for SIBO.

You know that their must be a more long term solution for SIBO. The dieting and antibiotics have only provided short term relief. You know that your SIBO is rooted in a bigger problem. But, you are unclear what your root causes are and what the best strategies are to repair your root causes. 

Imagine feeling confident in your SIBO strategies. Not second guessing the foods that you are eating or the supplements that you are taken. 

Imagine the peace you will feel knowing what your root causes are and how to address them. No more confusion from differing options on google or online forums. 

Imagine the freedom of not worrying about SIBO relapse. Imagine the being able to trust your gut and know it will do it's job. 

Imagine a tribe of other SIBO survivors that can help support you through your SIBO journey. 

It IS possible to find long term relief from SIBO. You don't have to deal with SIBO forever. I am here to show you how to find long term SIBO relief.

Hi, I'm Amy Hollenkamp, MS, RD

I am a fun loving and quirky dietitian, holistic health coach and blogger at the SIBO Diaries. I have a passion for helping SIBO sufferers find long term relief from their gut symptoms.

As a former SIBO sufferer myself, I know first hand how debilitating SIBO can be to your overall health and well being. 

When I had SIBO, I was the perfect patient. I followed my practitioners protocols to a tee. I went on a very restrictive SIBO diet for months and took multiple rounds of both herbal and pharmaceutical antibiotics. 

These interventions gave me some relief at first, but overtime I started to develop new and worsening symptoms. I was so frustrated. I started to lose hope and believed that I would have SIBO forever. 

I decided I wasn't going to go down without a fight, so I spent years becoming a SIBO expert. I knew in my heart that I could solve my SIBO if I could just figure out how to address my root causes. 

I made many mistakes in my own SIBO journey. that I want to prevent you from making. I didn't progress until I ditched the restrictive diets and aggressive clearing protocols for a root focused approach. 

As a practitioner, I use a root cause approach with my one-on-one clients to help them achieve long term relief from their SIBO. I designed the SIBO Root Cause Repair Program because I saw a need for a root based online program.  I am thrilled that I get to help and support more people through their SIBO journeys


Break free from chronic SIBO

Discover the tools to identify and address your root causes for long lasting SIBO relief

Break Free From Chronic SIBO

I designed The SIBO Root Cause Repair Program to help you exit the SIBO Merry-Go-Round. This program provides you with all the tools you need to address your root causes so that you can find long term SIBO relief.

Are you frustrated that your SIBO symptoms will not go away even with a strict diet and rounds of clearing? 

Do you desire the freedom of a life without chronic gut symptoms holding you back? 

Are you ready to take the next step toward long term SIBO relief? 

Then, you are definitely in the right place, friend!

The SIBO Root Cause Repair Program is for driven SIBO sufferers who want to discover what their root causes are and the best ways to address root cause breakdowns. The program also clears up the diet confusion and provides tips to help you find the right SIBO diet. 

Imagine what it would be like to: 

  • To have the knowledge to find the right diet for your body versus following a list of yes and no foods
  • To stop wasting money on every "magic" bullet diet or supplement that gets thrown your way
  • To have peace of mind and confidence in a root focused SIBO plan.
  • To spend less time and energy on diet perfection and more time on other root focused strategies
  • To feel supported by a root focused tribe that can help you through your SIBO journey
  • To feel confident that you won't relapse
  • To become your own SIBO expert and not feel reliant on practitioners that don't know how to help you
  • To spend less time thinking about SIBO and more time getting back to your hobbies and passions

All this (and more) is possible for you when you Join the SIBO Root Cause Repair Program.


Become a Root Cause Detective

The program provides you with the tools you need to identify your root causes. A symptom questionnaire and lab guide are provided to help you discover your root causes.

Become a Root Cause Expert

The program provides educational modules that cover the 7 root causes of SIBO. The program also provides guidance on diet strategies for SIBO and treatment tips. Learn the key strategies to correct your root causes. 

Develop a Root Cause Plan for Lasting Relief

Use program worksheets and program tools to devise a customized strategy. These tools will help you feel confident about putting the program strategies into practice

Feel Supported in the Program Community

Connect and feel support from other SIBO sufferers via the programs private Facebook page. I also provide guidance by answering your questions and concerns in the Facebook page

What are SIBO Root Cause Repair Program Participants saying about the program:


"Having SIBO is extremely physically challenging and emotionally draining. Amy helps guide you through a tough time to uncover what is causing the SIBO in the first place so you can nip it in the bud. She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and responsive. I believe this program is a must for anyone suffering from SIBO."


"I have really enjoyed learning and finding new supplements that are more targeted to my issues. Since I have started the program, I have learned to become more patient with my progress and have reaped more benefits than I ever did being overly restricted. It has helped me to enjoy my wellness journey. Thank you Amy so much for putting together such a unique program!"


"Amy's program helped me to understand what might be behind my SIBO and what steps I can take to prevent relapse. She is very responsive, helpful, and friendly. Definitely what I needed after being treated a gastroenterologist who does not specialize in SIBO."


"This program has been so helpful for me! I've learned so many new things that I never learned after doing much of my own research. I'm finally starting to be able to slooowly introduce carbs back into my diet, which is something that I never dreamed I'd be able to do. I was always taught that I had to avoid virtually ALL carbohydrates, otherwise I'd only be feeding the problem. I finally feel like there's hope for me to start making progress in my healing journey. I highly recommend this program and working with Amy!!!"


"The SIBO Root Cause Repair program gave me the education and confidence that I could clear SIBO for good. Amy is a well-educated industry leader in the topic of SIBO - she clarifies many of the unanswered questions out there and challenges some of the generally accepted treatment practices. Amy's holistic approach supports true functional wellness, including physical, mental, and emotional health. An added bonus of the program is having the support of a community that understands what you're going through."


"I would highly recommend this program. Amy is very knowledgeable and generous with her knowledge. From taking this course I opened up several avenues of root causes to work on. This allowed me to be more informed and advocate for myself with my naturopath. I’m now working on several fronts and hope to dramatically improve my health."

What You'll Discover

The program covers the 7 root causes of SIBO plus provides tips on diet strategies, how to clear SIBO and how to prevent relapse.


Digestion is not an action that you have to tell your body to perform. Your brain and nervous system automatically activate digestive processes.  If the brain and gut can not communicate effectively digestion and motility can become impaired leading to SIBO friendly environment. This program gives you the tools to strengthen and repair proper communication between the brain and the gut. 


The health of the large intestine microbiome plays a key role in the function of the small intestines and overall health. When you have SIBO, you should not focus solely on clearing the overgrowth in the small intestines, but also on rebuilding and balancing the microbiome down stream. The program covers how to correct imbalances and overgrowths in the large intestines allowing for optimal gut function.  


Chronic stress from your modern lifestyle can shut down digestion and motility. Turning off fight or flight is key to beating SIBO. But, beating stress is easier said than done. This program gives you all of the strategies that you will need to de-stress your body for optimal digestion and SIBO freedom. 


Contrary to popular belief, most cases of indigestion are caused by too little stomach acid not too much stomach acid. Stomach acid levels set the tone for digestion down stream in the small intestines. Low stomach acid will lead to poor digestion in the small intestines leaving you susceptible to SIBO. This program offers the you the help you need to boost stomach acid levels.


One study found that 54% of hypothyroid patients had a postive diagnosis for SIBO. Your thyroid hormones don't just control your metabolism, but they play a major role in motility and digestion. This program clears up the thyroid confusion to help you figure out how to test and address suboptimal thyroid function to keep your SIBO away.


These organs support proper digestion by producing enzymes and bile. If these organs are not operating efficiently, you will have insufficent enzyme release and poor bile flow. Enzymes and bile are essential for preventing SIBO. This program provides strategies and tools to help support and strengthen these organs.


Adhesions are internal scars that can develop from a past abdominal surgery, a physical trauma, an infection or endometriosis. These internal scars can limit mobility of the intestines leading to SIBO development. The program gives you the low down on adhesions and how to address them. 


Along with root cause strategies, you will also learn about how to find the right diet for you without overly restrictive diets that stress you out. Diet guidance can also help you ensure that you are well nourished and avoiding under-eating. The program also provides tips on how to clear SIBO.

Inside the SIBO Root Cause Repair Program you will find....

You'll also receive...

Access to the program's private Facebook group

Feeling the support and encouragement of others as a critical part of overcoming gut issues. In this community, you can ask questions and even help others by sharing your experiences. I moderate the Facebook page where I answer questions, facilitate conversations and lead monthly live Q and A sessions. 

Lifetime access to 10% off supplements through Fullscript

Access to my Fullscript Supplement Dispensary where you will recieve lifetime access to discounted practitioner only supplements. The program also includes a supplement guide to help tailor supplements to your specific root causes. 

Discounted 1-on-1 coaching sessions

Need some more hands on support with program materials? No problem! You will receive special pricing for 1 on 1 consults with Amy when you sign up for the Root Cause Repair Program. Amy can help you with more specific recommendations to help you overcome your SIBO. 

Pricing Options



Access to 10 Root Cause Modules

Handouts and Worksheets 

Access to private Facebook Group

10% discount on supplements

Discounted one-on-one pricing





OR $420 monthly for 4 months

In-depth Case Review

6 one on one coaching sessions

Unlimited email support

Gut Repair Supplements ($200 value)

Everything included in Self Study



Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes if can be hard to see yourself benefiting from an program. You might be worked for others, but will it work for me? 

There are 4 key factors that can help you determine if you are a great fit for the program. 

  1. A strong desire to repair your gut is VERY important!
  2. You must be willing and ready to make the changes recommended in the program.
  3. You must prioritize long term solutions versus quick fixes. You should be root focused and not chasing another restrictive diet or magic bullet supplement. 
  4. You must be willing to reach out for support when you are struggling, rather than giving up or quitting the program.

First, I think it is fantastic that you are working with a practitioner to conquer your SIBO.  Because it means you’re someone who is committed to growing. And that means your success is inevitable!

The problem I see with many popular protocols delivered by doctors and other providers is that they fail to address fully address root causes. They can help you clear the SIBO with antimicrobials, but they often fail to address the WHY behind your SIBO.

The program can help fill in the root cause gaps that your practitioner might be missing. Many past program participants have found the program helps them collaborate better with their practitioners. 

If making an investment in this program is going to jeopardize your ability to pay rent or keep food on your table, it’s not the right time for you to join. However, if you can still cover your basic needs, and the program investment feels like a stretch, that’s actually a good thing!

We value the things that cost us. By investing in this program, you are acknowledging that you are WORTH the investment. 

In addition, this program can save you time, energy and MONEY in the long run by helping you make better decisions. 

All program content is provided via a website portal. A facebook account is not required to participate in the program. 

However, facebook participation is an added benefit to the program because it allows you to reach out for support from me or other program participants. 

If you want to protect your personal identity, you could always create a dummy Facebook account and not use real information for group interaction. 

If you would prefer not using Facebook at all, you can still receive great results with the program. 

I do offer refunds on program payment. 

My goal is for you to have an excellent experience with this program. If the program is not right for you, then I will offer a refund if you agree to have a quick 15-20 minute call with me about why the program was not a good fit for you. I also require that you send me the work that you have done with the program so far. This refund policy expires 30 days after purchase. 


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